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I am a cut paper artist and I live in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. I am originally from Wiltshire, from a very long village called Winterslow, just outside Salisbury. I make my work by drawing into a black piece of paper and then layering colours from behind which I cut into again. This makes very delicate and intricate paper pieces that are inspired by my love of the landscape and the natural world about me.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Stonehill School Art Club - surface pattern dawgs and pussums...

At the art club I have been running at Stonehill School I showed the children how to use rubber stamps and coloured pens and pencils to make surface pattern. I encouraged them to work into the patterns, adding colour and texture over the stamp patterns to bring out the shapes much more. The children made a sheet each of a repeat patten. We then used a template that I had designed and prepared for the club, the pattern of a dog and cat which they cut from their surface patter sheets. With just an hour to juggle I need to make these sessions rather component based so as to guarantee a concrete outcome. I was so chuffed with what they made. Little charming creatures that each have a personality of their own. Magical.

An example of the surface pattern created
One of the little dogs made...

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