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I am a cut paper artist and I live in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. I am originally from Wiltshire, from a very long village called Winterslow, just outside Salisbury. I make my work by drawing into a black piece of paper and then layering colours from behind which I cut into again. This makes very delicate and intricate paper pieces that are inspired by my love of the landscape and the natural world about me.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Scary! a lot of school work to post here!

Its VERY SCARY where time has gone.... in that I haven't posted on here for a year!!! Golly! I have been working hard in schools in that time...I just have got more than mega behind in posting the piccies. So bear with me as I play catch up... there will be a flurry of new posts.....

Art Skills Club - Letchworth Art Centre - Summer Term

These photos below are from a session I ran at the Art Skills Club at Letchworth Art Centre in the summer term where the students focussed on designing with text forms to make complete compositions. I showed them a selection of my own text based paper pieces, and demonstrated too how I work out the spacing for my lettering pieces, along with examples of how to use letter forms within strong graphic compositions. Students looked at the Faber and Faber "Eighty years of Book Cover Design by Joseph Connelly"  along with lettering books too such as  A Hand Job - catalog of Type by Michael Perry and the wonderful  Linda Barry's "What it is". Working initially in pencil, the students then beefed up their deigns with the use of strong felt -tip colour. The students produced some beautiful and bold works on paper.

My demo piece to show the students how I design with text

Alex Daniel's design

Sophie Tonkin's design

Nicolas Mace's design

My demo page

Erin Sunderland's design

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