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I am a cut paper artist and I live in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. I am originally from Wiltshire, from a very long village called Winterslow, just outside Salisbury. I make my work by drawing into a black piece of paper and then layering colours from behind which I cut into again. This makes very delicate and intricate paper pieces that are inspired by my love of the landscape and the natural world about me.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Free event this Sunday - all ages welcome!

 to make a sticky backed plastic collage mural!

The Rotary Club Letchworth is organising "The Big Lunch" in Howard Gardens, Letchworth on Sunday the 1st June. I will be there from 1-3 to make a big sticky backed plastic mural from precut shapes and layers of vinyl - depicting a garden path full of flowers and colour! It's a free event so please do drop in and come and help me make the mural...it will be used at this years Rhythms of the World in Hitchin.... to read more about what's happening on Sunday read HERE.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hoos Kids Book Fest, Luton Hoo - great big sticky backed plastic collage!

On Sunday 11th May I took part in Hoos Kids Book Fest at Luton HooWalled Garden, just outside Luton. There were lots of children's authors there, and illustrators too, so it was full of lots of chattering and stories and very happy kids!  I was there to make a great big sticky vinyl collage - a colour tree - made on a big piece of plywood. It was the biggest thing I have tried on my new technique of working with sign writers sticky plastic/vinyl. Its a wonderful medium - a peel off back means its clean and easy to stick for all ages and also can be cut into any shape. You would think it too fiddly for little ones, but actually it wasn't at all - kids are very used to stickers! and older grandparents helped the very young children. Everyone loved the feeling of the sticking down, the freedom and the boldness of it, and the peeling off meant people had a little time to think about where they were going to stick their shapes.

This piece was meant to be very collaborative, all ages involved and it worked fantastically well. I precut leaf and flower shapes and had them ready in a shoe box so that people could just choose and stick where ever they wanted to. I  got the trunk covered so that there was some clear space, but the rest was free for a blaze of colour!

The finished piece just looked so wonderful - so full of colour. A MASSIVE thank you to Character Signs in Stevenage for donating the plastic for me to use for this free drop in event.

Setting up on the morning and getting the base ready with strips of red and blue vinyl....

It was quiet at 10.30.....

......and got busier....

All ages had a go at sticking - little tots as young as 2 - up to some grandparents in their 80's!

As the day progressed the tree of colour became just that - full of vibrant, joyful colour!

A close-up, with a little mouse I added....

A few children improvised with the precut shapes... can you see the cat?

The tree as it appeared on top of the table.....

The finished tree of colour!!! 6'x3' of sticky vinyl loveliness!