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I am a cut paper artist and I live in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. I am originally from Wiltshire, from a very long village called Winterslow, just outside Salisbury. I make my work by drawing into a black piece of paper and then layering colours from behind which I cut into again. This makes very delicate and intricate paper pieces that are inspired by my love of the landscape and the natural world about me.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Willow pattern plate collages and linking artists work.......

I ran another Family Art Studio workshop at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth last Sunday. We had a really busy time with ages through from little 2 yr old toddlers up to full grown ups. The workshop was making paper collages by using sheets of Willow Pattern examples and sheets of my original Letchworth images translated into blue and white. Working from my images as well seemed a perfect fit as the workshop was to be linked to the last day of "Hidden Agenda" a touring Crafts Council exhibition that looked at craft and social comment. In particular I thought a piece by the artist Paul Scott was really interesting and to link transfer ware to my work and then translate again to paper collage seemed like a wonderful connection and expansion of an idea.

Above are the couple of mock-ups I made before the workshop. You can see the sheets I prepped of my black and white images into blue and white. Its was so exciting to see! and its really made me want to go off on a tangent and explore just blue and white paper. 

That's one of the real pleasures of running workshops... they are a fertile bed not just for the people attending to be creative and make something thats theirs and unique, it fertilises me as an artist too with the conversations and chatter had through the time.

Small pieces cut and ready to be arranged and stuck.....

Two approaches... random shape collages and more arranged and regular arrangements!

I drew this little cat for a little girl. Fab to see she stuck in place on her plate.... a hidden pussums!

A family of plate collages. This really shows learning and enjoyment of the arts across all the ages.....

Simple techniques of papier mache layers with pva glue.

Drawing combined with collage.....

Some where very gluey! but they would soon dry and leave a lovely shiny surface!